Bio-CFD is a cloud-based Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) platform specialized in biomedical applications in medicine and life sciences. The platform employs databases, libraries, boundary conditions and physical models that provide rapid and reliable biofluid flow simulation. The platform is developed to empower emerging clinical applications such as personalized medicine, surgical simulations and high-efficacy drug delivery systems. Its technology is optimized for patient-specific simulations with clinically-relevant reporting capabilities. Bio-CFD empowers clinicians and researchers who require CFD simulations in numerous areas such as vascular medicine, pulmonology, respirology and urology.

Technology Outlines

The core philosophy of our technology aims at empowering healthcare professionals to carry on CFD simulations seamlessly without prior knowledge of CFD algorithms and codes. We are building state-of-the art solvers with validation benchmarks for almost every problem encountered in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications. Our solvers run on the cloud utilizing state of the art parallel CPU infrastructure that runs behind a minimal and efficient web front. The intricate details, usually encountered in status quo CFD solvers are automated via our comprehensive library of boundary conditions, solver options and post-processing functions. Our library is continuously updated to include new established measures and techniques contributed by many research groups around the world.

CFD for Vascular Hemodynamics

Vascular blood flow contributes to the genesis and development of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Hemodynamics is the study of vascular blood flow to better understand the development, diagnosis and therapy of CVD. CFD has been the primary tool for investigating vascular hemodynamics. Our technology provides custom solvers for different problems and settings encountered in this field. Bio-CFD provides dedicated solvers and validation benchmarks for the analysis of intracranial aneurysm, stenosis and atherosclerosis. Our technology offers companion diagnosis and surgical planning tools to empower next-generation CVD management techniques.

Pharmaceutical CFD

CFD is essential to the design and development processes of drug delivery devices and industrial pharmaceutical systems. Our technology tackles this sector by providing ready-to-use solvers to simulate the aerodynamics of dry powder inhalers, industrial cyclones and gas-based mixers.

Patient-specific Simulations

Bio-CFD is equipped with many utilities to enable users to import patient-specific data from diagnostic systems such as MRI, CT and DSA. Our technology facilitates patient-specific diagnosis and surgical planning.

Databases and Libraries

We provide a plethora of databases and libraries to cover all biomedical applications. The validation database includes experimentally validated models for vascular hemodynamics and pharmaceutical applications. Bio-CFD also provides a python interface for the HaeMod database of vascular hemodynamics with boundary conditions for thousands of virtual patients covering 11 arteries in the human body. We also provide a library of viscosity and turbulence models to empower different scenarios found in real world applications. Our library of pharmaceutical applications include established simulations for status-quo dry powder inhalers and other devices.

Cloud Computing

Our code runs on massively parallel CPU infrastructure with convenient job scheduling and task management modules.

Launch Plan

Bio-CFD is currently under development as of September 2020. The first solver, NeuroCFD, will be launched in early April 2021. NeuroCFD is a solver for simulating blood flow and hemodynamics in the circle of Willis.