Medical Simulation Survey

Analysis of Community Sentiment in Focus Groups

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Medical simulation has recently emerged as a disruptive technology framework to accelerate innovation in medicine and life sciences. Medical simulation can accelerate discovery of new therapies, design of new medical devices and provide guidelines for clinical trials and regulatory approval.

Since medical simulation involves different stakeholders, its community is diverse presenting engineers, healthcare professionals, regulatory body professionals among other expertise. This is the first qualitative survey on medical simulation to evaluate the community sentiment.

Participants were recruited anonymously from focus groups on social media platforms. A simple sentiment model was established to analyze the results. Total participants were 131 from 5 focus groups.

The overall results showed positive sentiment at 60.31% of the participants, neutral sentiment at 36.64% and negative sentiment at 3.05%. Positive sentiment was reported by 75% of regulatory body professionals and 61.5% by healthcare professionals. All the detailed results and methodology are reported in this document and is shared with the community under CC BY SA 4.0 open-access license.