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Bio-CFD and CFD FEA SERVICE collaborate to empower personalized medicine

Personalized medicine promises to resolve some of the key challenges in biomedical and pharmaceutical industries. Medical simulation and digital twin technology are driving innovative prognostics, personalized clinical management and patient-specific medical devices, implants and prosthetics. The global market size of personalized medicine surpassed $59.16 billion in 2019 and expected to reach $141.33 billion by 2027. […]

NeuroCFD is the future of endovascular surgery simulation

Not all arteries are created equal! The carotid artery disease market is expected to hit USD 11.6 Billion by 2023. This includes Diagnosis (Computed Tomography Angiography, Carotid Ultrasound, & Magnetic Resonance Angiography), Treatment (Medications & Surgical Procedures), & End User (Hospitals & Clinics). The major restraints of the market are the high cost of diagnostics […]

NeuroCFD is one step away!

We are excited to announce that NeuroCFD, our flagship solver, is ready! NeuroCFD is designed and optimized to simulate blood flow in the circle of Willis. Its intuitive and streamlined workflow provide unparalleled user experience. Patient-specific simulations have never been easier! With automated mesh and boundary condition features, you can run hundreds of patient-specific simulations […]

Simulation of COVID-19​ Free Respirator Mask

In collaboration with Virtual Flow, we have performed one of the earliest CFD simulations for COVID-19 aerodynamics. the Flow Rate during the respiration process using Free Respirator Mask With Venturi’s valve using CFD​. The simulation was made for inlet 12 L/min flow to the venturi. A respiration simulated condition was added to the CFD simulation […]

Partnership with Virtual Flow

Bio-CFD has partnered with Virtual Flow to implement its cloud-based CFD platform. Virtual flow has a team of CFD engineers who have proven experience in developing open-source CFD solvers for numerous and diverse applications. The partnership aims at ensuring sustainable and efficient cloud implementation of Bio-CFD solvers and tools.