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NeuroCFD is one step away!

We are excited to announce that NeuroCFD, our flagship solver, is ready! NeuroCFD is designed and optimized to simulate blood flow in the circle of Willis. Its intuitive and streamlined workflow provide unparalleled user experience. Patient-specific simulations have never been easier! With automated mesh and boundary condition features, you can run hundreds of patient-specific simulations […]

Large Eddy Simulation unveils ischemic attack in Moyamoya patients

Researchers from Tohoku University have unveiled the causes of transient ischemic attacks (TIAs) in early-stage Moyamoya patients using Large Eddy Simulation. The study, published in Nature’s Scientific Reports showed that complex hemodynamic interactions, driven by momentum-viscous interactions with blood’s non-Newtonian viscosity, cause multiple mechanisms that lead to cerebral blood insufficiency. Loss of phase-shift, Rankine vortex […]